Aluminium bi-folding doors are a stunning, modern addition to any home.

Doors can offer more than just security and access, they can also be the highlight of your home and provide excellent aesthetic details. BiFolding doors are an exceptional statement to any home, they catch everyone’s eye and provide benefits upon benefits.

But the one thing that bifold owners notice is how good they look.

They fit seamlessly into any wall, whether it’s in the kitchen, an extension or even indoors. Their sleek, prestigious stature and colours make them a sought after addition for many homeowners.

So what colour bifold can you get?

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Chartwell Green

These are the four most common and complementary of colours for homes and businesses. Although you can find other colours, these 3 choices are the most preferred and offer the most visual appeal.

As aluminium frames are typically slimmer than timber and uPVC frames, they can also accommodate larger panes of glass, allowing you to let more light in and see bigger views of the outside.

Unlike most doors which don’t allow views to the outside, a bifold offer that chance for you to admire your gardens from inside your home. So, whether you’re eating dinner as a family to you are putting your feet up in the conservatory in the evening, you have fantastic views of the outdoors.

The best part is, you can admire the outside without having to compromise on security or thermal efficiency.

The modern colour choices allow you to blend them in with your home.

When choosing your bifolding door, you want something that is going to fit right with the look and feel of your home. Luckily, our doors come in three common and stunning shades.

Our black folding doors are a stunning choice by many, mostly because their smooth, jet black frames greatly complement any colour in a home.

As for a grey aluminium bifolding doors, these are one of the most popular choices and the most associated with modern-day folding doors. Grey is a sophisticated colour that looks great all year round and is the perfect choice for internal bifold.

With white bi-folds, these are a unique yet highly desirable colour for your doors. They look aesthetic day in and day out and retain their bright white colour for years on end.

Whether you want a bifold that matches your home or stands out, you can count on these 4 favoured colours that they can help you do just that.

Bifolds are great for businesses too.

Bifolds look stunning in any home or business, they offer that contemporary, practical lifestyle by allowing you to open up your home to more light, warmth on a summer’s day or nice views. The aesthetic possibilities of bi-folding doors are endless, and their beauty lasts even when faced with harsh weather and constant wear and tear.

We haven’t forgotten about you business owners too. When it comes to enticing a customer into your shops or restaurants, bi-folding doors are the perfect way to do that.

Not to mention, restaurants, bars and cafes can open their premises up to outdoor seating areas, providing an accessible, practical way for your customers to enjoy the outdoors.

These doors look great, they really do provide a modern, unique statement to any building and are perfect for helping make businesses look more contemporary.