So you’ve come to the decision to add something new to your home, so why choose a bifold door?

At BCBUK, we do something bit different, we aren’t your typical install a bifold and go type of company. Instead, we offer a bespoke package that allows homeowners to install the best quality, safest bifold doors that greatly complement their home.

If you’ve found this blog, you’ve either been on our website or have been searching for answers as to why you should invest in a bifold door. 

There will be a lot of answers circulating, but here we give honest advice as to why we recommend bi-folding doors for homes and businesses for that matter. Whether it’s the benefits or the aesthetics you’re looking for, folding doors offer excellent advantages that make them, a much-loved addition to any home. 

1. They look, well, fantastic!

This isn’t a biased opinion from us either, one of the greatest things about bi-folding doors is their appearance. Modern bi-folding doors come in an array of contemporary colours that look great for years on end.

See our blog on BiFold Colours and Aesthetics for more information.


2. They can fit any size home or business.

You don’t need a massive clear wall to have a bi-folding door, they are available in a range of sizes to allow them to accommodate all types of homes and businesses. Everyone can have a stunning bifold, whether it’s a two or six ‘leaf’ model.

We have discussed our different sizes and flexibility here: 

3. They provide superb security.

One of the most essential things about doors is how secure they are. Bifolding doors may make you question their stability, but trust us when we say they more secure than the majority of singular and French doors.

Find out more about the security of our bi-folding doors: 

Bifold doors continue to be a favoured choice by many homeowners.

4. What benefits can they provide for you and your home?

We’ve discussed their security, their look and their flexibility, but what else can a bi-folding door bring to your home? Why is it worth your investment? We thought it would only be fair to tell our customers exactly why they should consider these beautiful doors!

See more: 

5. Inspiration for bi-folding doors.

So you love the look of your bifold and have been swayed by the benefits, but now where do you install it? We often get customers looking for inspiration as to where to introduce their new folding doors, and that’s why we wanted to propose some common and even whacky ideas for you to consider: 

Convinced to treat yourself to a bifold now?

The remainder of your buying journey will be down to you. If you think your home or business will benefit a bi-folding door, then you are more than welcome to enquire about your favourite product. 

We additionally provide complete packages to save you money but allow you to get the full bi-folding door ‘experience’ for your property. Our bespoke, one-of-a-kind packages include a bi-folding door, blinds and glass canopies, so you can have the complete aesthetic.

You’ve made it this far; you must be interested! Feel free to check out our Bifold door packages or enquire for more information!